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Amulia Model Town, Demra, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (10 Minutes distance from Banasree)



Parking is available for self-driven cars. Shuttle Bus is available every 15 Minutes, Rampura Banasree to Amulia Model Town

Hotel & Restaurant

Fun & Activities

Exciting games, food, cultural program, concert & more.

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Missing old friends?

ExAIUBian brings a full day out and picnic with your very own university friends. Reminiscence your golden days and look forward to the future. Lets all meet at Amulia Model town for a day filled with fun and surprises and freshen up your mind from the daily hectic life. Spouses and children are most welcome too.


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Full Day Fun

Event Schedule


Yes its you who can make this event successfull. We are Expecting you before 10:30 AM.

Location: Amulia Model Town, Demra Dhaka

Welcoming of Guests, Registration and Merchandise distribution, Coffee and Snacks, Chotpoti and Fuchka, Baby Run, Drawing Competition, Pillow Passing and other Exciting Activities...

Cultural Program, Standup Comedy, Future Plan of ExAIUBian, Introduction of Icon Members, Raffle draw

ExAIUBian Bands can contact for slot.

Dj & Closing Note.